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Coronavirus impact to NCR dojos – March 16, 2020 – UPDATE #3

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The following are latest updates on the NCR dojos that have postponed their classes:

  • St. Paul dojo –  is closed for the foreseeable future. Click here for more information.
    • Midwest Karate of St Paul has cancelled all karate and yoga classes until further notice.  We will assess the situation and make any decision to reopen based on the guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).
    • We have had several inquiries about making the dojo available for individual self-training.  Unfortunately, at this time we will not allow any such requests.  We are putting together some online training classes that may be available to our students in the near future.
    • We thank you for understanding, and hope that all our students are taking steps to stay safe.  Further announcements will be made here, and through the NCR newsletter.
  • Mpls dojo is closed. Click here for more information
  • River Falls –  access to the gym facility is closed for the foreseeable future
  • Traditional Karate-do Academy at UofM – all in-person classes cancelled at the UofM until April 1.


  • The dojos listed above are continuing their postponement of all classes until further notice.  This continuation is a precaution to avoid the spreading of the virus to their dojo members and family.

Events – postponed

  • University of MN Traditional Karate-do Academy tournament – postponed until Oct. 17, 2020
  • AAKF 2020 seminar – Spring seminar postponed to fall 2020. More details to follow.
    • As you know the pandemic situation is very fluid at this moment with near daily changes on the situation.  For information on the global virus situation and recommendations go to the CDC website and for near real-time global cases virus count go here.


    Thank you.

    Art Wong – Traditional Karate North Central Region Director

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