Traditional Karate North Central Region

Regional Representative of the AAKF for clubs in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

January 2018 Newsletter

“Failure is success if we learn from it


1) Reminder 2018 AAKF membership renewal – due March 1, 2018

Renewal cost is $25.00/year. If you are late in your renewal, it will cost an extra $10.00. So get your individual AAKF renewal fee to your club’s sensei.  Also, the Club AAKF renewal is still $170/year for club owners.

2) 2018 winter shiai results

The January 20, 2018 winter shiai had a good turnout of both competitors and judges.  The shiai was a venue for students to test their abilities in kata and kumite for their next examination. The shiai provided feedback to the students as well as the judges to understand their strengths and challenges and how to improve themselves.  The NCR Facebook site has photos from the shiai.

3) 2018 NCR kata seminar – Feb 17 Mpls dojo

Hold this date. More details and registration are available here.

4) 2018 upcoming calendar of events

  1. 2018 Seminar Mark Minarik – April 20/21 Mpls dojo – Information and online registration available here.
  2. 2018 NCR regional eliminations – May 4 6pm St. Paul dojo
  3. 2018 St. Paul kids’ tournament – May 5 – more details to come later.
  4. 2018 AAKF Nationals – June19-23 – Columbia, South Carolina – Hold this date if you are planning on attending the 2018 AAKF Nationals. More detail will be posted on the NCR and AAKF websites on the venue location and hotel accommodations.
  5. 2018 MKA Mpls summer camp – Aug 3-5 Mpls dojo – more details to come later.
  6. 2018 Fall shiai Sept 22 noon Mpls dojo – more details to come later.
  7. 2018 WTKF World Championship – Oct 22-28 – St. John’s Newfoundland – World Championship Oct 22-28 2018 St. John’s Newfoundland Canada – Hold this date if you want to attend the World championships. More details will be posted on the WTKF website around Jan/Feb 2018
  8. 2018 NCR kumite seminar – Nov 17 noon-2pm St. Paul dojo – more details to come later.


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