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Dan Examination Guide

These are the requirements for the levels of Shodan, Nidan and Sandan.

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Dan Test Review Seminar Outline

Dan test review seminar outline

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Fall Regional Seminar

This seminar will feature Senseis Fusaro, Smaby and Marr. The seminar is November 9-11, 2012 at the Minneapolis dojo.

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Judging Seminar outline for Corner Judges

The outline of the judging seminar that was held at the U of M tournament on February 25, 2012. This seminar emphasized corner judging.

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Kata overview for competitors and judges

This guide is an overview of the points necessary for judging kata under the ITKF rules. This is useful for students wishing to improve their kata.

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kata scoring forms

The scoring form used by Judges for individual and team kata.

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Kitei Seminar Outline

Kitei seminar outline covering the rules, procedures, training for the kata portion of the Fukugo competition category. Includes the kitei for for judges.

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Kitei- kata guide

A move by move guide to the kata Kitei. Kitei is used by the ITKF in the competition category of Fukugo. The kata is demonstrated by Sensei Joel Ertl and presented by the Technical Committee of the NCR.

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Kumite hand and flag signals

The hand signals and terminology used by Center and Corner judges in ITKF kumite competition.

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Kyu Test Requirements Handbook

This handbook cover all the testing requirement for 9th kyu through 1st Kyu.

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NCR Bylaws

These are the bylaws accepted by the NCR Board of Governors in 2011.

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Procedures for Ko-go kumite

Procedures for Ko-go kumite. This includes the judging rules and procedures.

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Technical Committee application for NCR

This is the application form that must be submitted for membership in the NCR Technical Committee. Please review the Technical Committee requirements before submitting this form.

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Technical Committee Requirements for NCR

This document explains the requirements and procedures for anyone wishing to apply for membership in the NCR Technical Committee. New members are considered each year in November.

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U of M Tournament Results 2012

These are the results from the U of M tournament held on February 25, 2012

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