Traditional Karate North Central Region

Regional Representative of the AAKF for clubs in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

19 Questions with Sensei Fusaro

June 24-25 2016 55th AAKF National Karate Championships, Mpls MN.

We asked children from the North Central Region, “If you could ask Sensei Fusaro any question, what would it be?” Here’s what their inquiring minds wanted to know.

  1. What’s your favorite karate technique? –  Nafyad, 9th kyu, age 7

It is difficult to pick one technique as my favorite. Gyaku Zuki Reverse punch, Mae-Geri front kick, Ushiro-geri-Kekomi back thrust and many more I find challenging. However, the Mawashi-Geri Roundhouse kick can be a tricky kick which can be changed in a split second.

  1. What’s the most fun part about being a Sensei? –  Luna, 3rd kyu, age 7

Truly, the real satisfaction is seeing the growth of your students as the years go by.

  1. What’s your favorite combination? – Sam D., 7th kyu, age 8

I enjoy a number of combinations. I particular enjoy the front kick, then after my opponent shifts and attacks, without dropping my kicking leg I do either a front or roundhouse kick.

  1. How long did it take you to get your black belt? – Jack, 9th kyu, age 8

It took me about four years to receive my Sho-dan.

  1. How long have you been training? How old were you when you started karate? – Pam, Shodan, age 13

I was 21 years old when I began training in Japan, at the main headquarter of the Japan Karate Association; that is a total of 61 years of training.

  1. What was the hardest test you’ve ever taken? And what’s your favorite kata? ––  Simon, 7th kyu, age 10

I am not sure of the exact date, but sometime in the late 1960’s, it was a test I took while in Los Angeles. I was there judging the National Tournament. Sensei Nishiyama, after a long day of judging (it was about 11 pm) and he told me “you are testing tonight at the dojo.” That was the first time I tested before Sensei’s Okazaki, Mikami, Yaguchi, Mori, as well as Sensei Nishiyama. My favorite kata is Nijushiho.

  1. What’s your favorite food? –  Eve, 10th kyu, age 9

My Mother’s, and now Gloria’s (Sensei’s wife), spaghetti recipe and naturally Sushi. Yummy!

  1. Did you do well in school? – Abby, Shodan, age 11

I was an average student.

  1. What’s your favorite animal? – I’Monie, 10th kyu, age 8           I love cats.
  2. What was your favorite color when you were a kid?-  Sephina, 10th kyu, age 6             Red.
  3. What was your favorite belt color/level? – Dante, 6th kyu, age 12           Naturally Black!
  4. When is your birthday? – Ruby, Shodan, age 9

September 7th 1933, hoping to see 2033.

  1. How did you become interested in karate? What inspired you to do karate? – Leo, 8th kyu, age 13, and Noam, 5th kyu, Age 9

A fellow soldier friend brought me to the main headquarter of the JKA (Japan Karate Association). When I saw this martial art I knew this is what I wanted to do – TEACH KARATE!

  1. What is the hardest karate move you learned? – Kassandra, 8th kyu, age 6

I must admit it was the perfection of the many Kata. It also goes deeper – to the understanding of how the muscles operate, how to breathe properly, how to stabilize your joints, and many other aspects of posture and movement.

  1. Have you ever failed a test? –  Kaya, 3rd kyu, age 11

I did pass all my Kyu and Dan exams.

  1. Who was your Sensei? – Ivan, 4th kyu, age 9

Sensei Nishiyama arrived in Los Angeles in 1961. In the following years a number of the students he taught in his famed Instructor Program in Japan, also came to the US. Through the years I gravitated towards Sensei Nishiyama, because he was more open and definitely was free in explaining all aspects of Karate to us. I followed Sensei until the day he passed away.

  1. Have you ever thought of quitting karate? – Noam, 5th kyu, Age 9

Karate has become a part of my everyday life. I love what I am and love teaching all my students. You are all a part of my Rembrandt.

18. Who What was your favorite competition?  –  Josh, Shodan, age 11

I’ve only been in one competition and that was in Japan when I first started karate. I was a brown belt and participated as a “gaijin” or foreigner.

  1. Who do you admire? –  Diego, 7th kyu, age 12

Naturally Sensei Nishiyama, my wife Gloria for putting up with me, and my two children Michael and Darrell, who will continue the MKA (Midwest Karate Association).

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