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2023 March Traditional Karate North Central Region

Traditional Karate North Central Region Newsletter

NCR Winter Shiai

March 25, 2023

The Traditional Karate North Central Region (NCR) is having a winter shiai on Saturday March 25, 2023 from noon-3:00pm hosted at the SKM dojo. This is your opportunity to test your kumite and kata skills with fellow katatekas and get feedback from the NCR judges.  Come to the winter shiai for fun and excitement, and support your fellow karatekas as they test their skills against their fellow athletes. Athletes and certified AAKF judges who are going to the 2023 AAKF National Championships in Washington, DC can use this shiai in preparation for the 2023 AAKF Nationals. Click here for more details on the shiai.

AAKF 2023 Seminar

April 21-23, 2023 – Mpls, MN

The 2023 American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF) seminar will be held at the Van Cleve Recreation Center in Minneapolis Friday April 21 to Sunday April 23. There will be a dan and certifcation examinations Saturday afternoon. Click here for the online seminar registration link, schedule information, and hotel recommendation. Click here for the flyer. QR code to the registration link:

AAKF Annual Membership Renewal – March 31 Deadline

Final Reminder

The annual AAKF Membership Renewal deadline has been extended to March 31, 2023. Individual AAKF memberships expire March 31. If you renew your current membership before March 31, the cost is only $25. After March 31, your AAKF individual membership renewal is $35. For club renewal, the cost is $170.00. Check this out ->  Benefits of an AAKF membership.

Click here to access the AAKF registration form. Write a check following the instructions from your club’s sensei. Deliver your payment and registration form to your club’s sensei – he/she will then mail the documents to the AAKF organization. For club registration form, click here.

2023 AAKF National Championships

June 21-24 Washington, DC

The 2023 AAKF National Championships will be held in Washington, DC June 21-24, 2023. Whether you are a black belt or kyu level, you will be able to compete in either the adult or youth division. You must be an AAKF member to compete. Senior black belts wanting to judge at the National Championships must be an AAKF qualified judge. AAKF registration will be due May 30, 2023 with more details to follow. Click here for more details on the AAKF National Championships.

Upcoming Calendar of Events and Registration

  • Upcoming events
    • 2024 March 23 – NCR Shiai. Noon. SKM dojo. Click here for more information. Click here for online registration link. Or, download the PDF Registration form.
  • NCR 2024 plans
    • May 18 noon-2pm Preparation for 2024 AAKF National Champioships – NCR judging seminar and competitor feedback. St. Paul dojo. More details to follow
    • May 3 Friday Black belt test – Shodan/nidan – MKA St. Paul
    • October 12 NCR SKM Shiai SKM. More details to follow
    • November 2nd Madison Tournament. More details to follow
    • November 16th U of M Tournament. More details to follow
  • AAKF upcoming events:
    • 2024 April 12-14 – AAKF Spring seminar – Madison, WI – Click here for more information
    • 2024 June 19-22 – (tentative). AAKF National Championships – Twin cities, MN – Hosted by Traditional Karate North Central Region. More details to follow.
  • WTKF Events
    • November – WORLD TRADITIONAL KARATE-DO CHAMPIONSHIP in Lima,Peru. More details to follow
    • WTKF calendar  – Click here for more upcoming WTKF events.

Click here to see past event videos and click here for past event photos from the NCR video and photo Library.  Click here for additional photos from the U of Mn club photo library.

Dan Examination Schedule

  • NCR and AAKF dan exam schedule
    • Spring 2024
  • Dan examination testing requirements shodan-sandan – click here
  • Dan rank registration required when you pass your dan exam – click here

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