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2023 November Traditional Karate North Central Region

Traditional Karate North Central Region Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone as we wind down 2023. This fall we had a lot of karate competition events:

  • 2023 NCR fall shiai at the SKM dojo in Mpls,
  • 2023 Pan-Am championships in Buenos Aires,
  • 2023 Traditional Karate-do Academy UofMn Tournament, and
  • 2023 Fall Great Lakes Region Madison tournament.

Below are the highlights from those events. Have a happy holiday and happy new year.

Happy holidays from SKM club

NCR Fall Shiai – October 14, 2023 – Highlights

The 2023 NCR Fall Shiai held at the SKM dojo was a huge success. We had more competitors participating than last year and more judges helping out in the two rings. The students had a good time and received valuable feedback from the judges on their kata performance.

Below are a few photos from the 2023 Fall Shiai. Additional photos links on NCR Facebook site and UofMn Facebook

Sensei Trung Le reviewing the kumite rules with the competitors and judges

WTKF 2023 Pan-Am Tournament – Highlights

The World Traditional Karate Federation (WTKF) held the 2023 Pan-Am championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Al Kotula, Laurie Elliott, and Mark Abeln represented the Traditional Karate North Central Regions as USA judges at the Pan-Am tournament. A karate seminar and judging seminar was held prior to the tournament. This allow the judges and participants to review and train on traditional karate principles, and WTKF tournament rules and procedures.

NCR Judges Travel to Pan-Am Games in Argentina

Laurie Elliott

The 2-day judging seminar was held on Wednesday/Thursday with the Championships on Friday.

Sensei Tabassi reviewed 5 judging concepts including 1) Ethics, 2) Physical ability, 3) Know the rules, 4) Know the principles, and 5) Budo. An analogy was made between a) knowing the rules, and b) knowing the principles. Knowing the rules is like knowing the driver’s manual for the rules of the road. Knowing the principles is like actually driving a car. Both are important and interrelated, but they are very different in practice.

Some (very) brief highlights from the seminar include:

Posture: Must have good posture for correct breathing and connection to the floor in order to get energy from the floor. Every stance starts with the skeletal structure (bones). The spine directs the movement.

Body dynamics: Use body dynamics to increase energy.

Power: Use pressure to create sharp action.

Transition: Transition means you’re not giving your opponent an opening.

Keep eyes soft. Think of looking at a mountain, but only focus on a small rock on the mountain. The eyes carry a lot of power over the body.

Below are some photos from the 2023 Pan-Am Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More photos and videos on the Pan-Am Championships can be found on NCR’s Facebook, click here.

Judges at the 2023 Pan-Am Championships

Traditional Karate-do Academy at UMN

Tournament Highlights November 18, 2023

The annual Fall Traditional Karate-do Academy at UMN tournament was held near the UMN campus on November 18, 2023 at the Van Cleve Park Gym 901 15th Ave SE, Mpls. MN. The competitors came and tested their skills with fellow karatekas at this fun filled event. The event helped prepare them for their next kyu or dan examination. For senior black belts, they came and helped judge, coach, and provide feedback to the students.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is UofM-Fall-tournament-poster-663x1024.gif
2023 UMN Tournament Results

Click here to see posted photos from the Traditional Karate-do Academy at University of Minnesota

The UofMn tournament helped the competitors and judges prepare for next year’s annual 2024 AAKF National Championships hosted by Traditional Karate North Central Region (NCR), more details to follow on date and location in Mpls, MN.

Click here to view more posted photos from NCR.

Great Lakes Region Madison Japanese Karate Club

Tournament Highlights

The Great Lakes Region Madison Japanese Karate Club is one of the oldest Martial Arts clubs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison held their annual fall tournament Nov 4, 2023.

Click here for NCR’s posted photos of the event. Post two click here. Post three click here. Post four photos/videos click here.

New Black Belts at Shotokan Karate MN

On November 11, 2023 Mike Winter achieved the black belt rank of Nidan, and Abdi Omar achieved the black belt rank of Shodan. Both students are from Shotokan Karate Minnesota dojo. CONGRATULATIONS! Mike and Abdi on your achievement.

Mike and Abdi executing their dan test kumite

Upcoming Calendar of Events and Registration

  • Upcoming events
    • 2024 March 23 – NCR Shiai. Noon. SKM dojo. Click here for more information. Click here for online registration link. Or, download the PDF Registration form.
  • NCR 2024 plans
    • May 18 noon-2pm Preparation for 2024 AAKF National Champioships – NCR judging seminar and competitor feedback. St. Paul dojo. More details to follow
    • May 3 Friday Black belt test – Shodan/nidan – MKA St. Paul
    • October 12 NCR SKM Shiai SKM. More details to follow
    • November 2nd Madison Tournament. More details to follow
    • November 16th U of M Tournament. More details to follow
  • AAKF upcoming events:
    • 2024 April 12-14 – AAKF Spring seminar – Madison, WI – Click here for more information
    • 2024 June 19-22 – (tentative). AAKF National Championships – Twin cities, MN – Hosted by Traditional Karate North Central Region. More details to follow.
  • WTKF Events
    • November – WORLD TRADITIONAL KARATE-DO CHAMPIONSHIP in Lima,Peru. More details to follow
    • WTKF calendar  – Click here for more upcoming WTKF events.

Click here to see past event videos and click here for past event photos from the NCR video and photo Library.  Click here for additional photos from the U of Mn club photo library.

Dan Examination Schedule

  • NCR and AAKF dan exam schedule
    • Spring 2024
  • Dan examination testing requirements shodan-sandan – click here
  • Dan rank registration required when you pass your dan exam – click here

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