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2021 September Traditional Karate North Central Region

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UofM Fall 2021 Traditional Karate-do Tournament

November 6, 2021

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AAKF Summer Instructor Program Sept 11, 2021

Form and Stance

The next Zoom AAKF Technical Committee instructor course session is September 11, 2021 at 11:00am Central Time. The program is only open to instructors and assistant instructors in your club. The session will cover “Form and Stance”.

The following is an email excerpt from Sensei Alex Tong, President of AAKF:

…The Technical Committee will host an online instructor course open to chief instructors and assistant instructors of member-clubs.  The sessions are intended to be interactive in nature.  We look forward to inputs from participating member instructors.  …2-hour Zoom sessions will be held on Sept 11, October 9 and November 13 at no costs to participants.    

A unified teaching framework on kata, kumite, and kihon will be formulated from these sessions, and made available to all participants.  There will also be a review of Japanese terminologies that are used in international championships.  These specified foundation concepts will stand as guidelines for good karate-do practice, also serving as reference information for candidates for Coach’s and/or Examiner certifications.  As usual, teaching instructors are free to add their personal insights when holding class…

If you are an instructor at your club and interested in attending, please contact Art Wong immediately so we can get you registered.

The St. Paul dojo will be projecting the seminar on a large screen. All NCR instructors are welcome to attend.

Traditional Karate-Do Academy at UMN Fundraiser

Sensei Le is starting his annual fall fundraiser with the sale of club shirts priced at $20.00 each. The shirt sizes are S M L XL XXL. Contact Sensei Le via email at with your size(s) and quantity, delivery, and payment instructions.

Upcoming Calendar of Events and Registration

Depending on COVID-19 Developments
  • NCR upcoming events
    • 2022 – Kata Seminar January 29, 2022. SKM dojo in Mpls. Click here for more details.
  • AAKF/WTKF upcoming events

Dan Examination Testing Dates

The following are tentative dan examination dates/locations. Check with your club’s sensei for eligibility as well as dates/times that may change at the last minute.

  • NCR  Dan exam – 2022 – mid-July. More details to follow on exact date and location.
  • AAKF Seminar – 2022 April 22-24. More details to follow.
  • AAKF Nationals – 2022 June 21-25, Dallas, TX. More details to follow.

If you are considering a dan rank test in the near future, you should be preparing for your exam as soon as possible and getting feedback from your club’s sensei and sempais.  It takes at least 6+ months of constant training both mentally and physically to prepare for a dan exam. For yondan and higher tests, it will take longer to prepare since you must write a thesis, present your paper, and do a kata with bunkai explanation.

Read the following documents for specific dan test requirements and eligibility:

Dan Rank Registration With AAKF and WTKF Organizations

Once you passed your dan examination, you must register your dan rank with both the AAKF and WTKF organizations. Cost is $150.00 ($50-AAKF/$100-WTKF). Make check payable to AAKF.

Complete both forms: AAKF Dan reg form.  WTKF-APPLICATION-FORM.

Mail your check and forms to: Midwest Karate Association St. Paul, 762 E. 7th St., St. Paul, MN 55106.

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