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2023 July Traditional Karate North Central Region

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2023 60th Annual AAKF National Championships – Highlights

The 2023 60th Annual American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF) National Championships was held in Washington, DC June 21-24, 2023. NCR athletes that attended the championships were: Jason Briscoe, Jethro Harding, Jasmine Beldin, Kara Winter, Eve Wandering, Joseph Harding, and Emil Perez-Lauterbach. NCR judges who attended were: Al Kotula, Art Wong, Trung Le, Laurie Elliott, Mark Abeln, and Michael Ching. NCR athletes were very successful. The NCR judges used their skills in assessing the athlete’s performance doing kata and kumite. The weather in DC was cooler than normal with an occasional rain. The karate seminar, conducted by the AAKF senior technical council members, was held prior to the championships. The seminar helped sharpen everyone’s skills and knowledge in kata, kumite and judging.

The NCR group had a good time in the evening eating at numerous local restaurants. Many of us did a lot of sightseeing around the Washington DC mall area, Air and space museum, International Spy museum, botanical garden, etc.

Congratulations to all the athletes who attended the championships and their placement in their group.

  • NCR athletes and judges attending the 2023 AAKF tournament
  • Seminar group pose in their favorite stance
  • SKM: Joseph Harding in 1st, Emil Perez-Lauterbach in 3rd
  • SKM: Eve Wandering in 2nd place
  • Downtime at a restaurant
  • Yum, Joseph Harding enjoying victory

Click here for additional NCR Facebook posting of the 2023 AAKF National Championships’ photos.

WTKF Dan Certificates Arrived

The World Traditional karate-do Federation (WTKF) dan rank certificates have arrived. The WTKF dan certificates were handed out at the recent 2023 June AAKF National Championships to the AAKF regional directors. If you registered your dan rank with WTKF in the last few years, contact your club’s sensei to see if your WTKF dan rank certificates arrived.

2023 Pan Am Tournament

The 2023 WTKF Pan Am tournment is scheduled for October 4-7, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Click here for more details. Contact Art Wong if you are interested in representing AAKF/NCR as a judge or as a competitor.

Upcoming Calendar of Events and Registration

  • Upcoming events
    • 2024 March 23 – NCR Shiai. Noon. SKM dojo. Click here for more information. Click here for online registration link. Or, download the PDF Registration form.
  • NCR 2024 plans
    • May 18 noon-2pm Preparation for 2024 AAKF National Champioships – NCR judging seminar and competitor feedback. St. Paul dojo. More details to follow
    • May 3 Friday Black belt test – Shodan/nidan – MKA St. Paul
    • October 12 NCR SKM Shiai SKM. More details to follow
    • November 2nd Madison Tournament. More details to follow
    • November 16th U of M Tournament. More details to follow
  • AAKF upcoming events:
    • 2024 April 12-14 – AAKF Spring seminar – Madison, WI – Click here for more information
    • 2024 June 19-22 – (tentative). AAKF National Championships – Twin cities, MN – Hosted by Traditional Karate North Central Region. More details to follow.
  • WTKF Events
    • November – WORLD TRADITIONAL KARATE-DO CHAMPIONSHIP in Lima,Peru. More details to follow
    • WTKF calendar  – Click here for more upcoming WTKF events.

Click here to see past event videos and click here for past event photos from the NCR video and photo Library.  Click here for additional photos from the U of Mn club photo library.

Dan Examination Schedule

  • NCR and AAKF dan exam schedule
    • Spring 2024
  • Dan examination testing requirements shodan-sandan – click here
  • Dan rank registration required when you pass your dan exam – click here

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